Flower Festival at St. Peter’s

Sunday 11th July, 11.30 to 5.30pm

A reminder that this Sunday, a special and unique event at St Peter’s takes place, following a wedding the previous day.
St Peter’s is undergoing an amazing transformation today, with flowers arranged by a London florist, that will remain in the church for the community and wider audience to enjoy on Sunday.
The family have generously offered this in the hope that much need funds will be raised for the upkeep of the church building.

Flower festival Sunday 11th July, 2021

Why not come along to enjoy this lovely display and enjoy a cream tea at the Community Hall afterwards?

Cream teas at Community Hall

Cream Teas will begin and run every Sunday afternoon from Sunday 27th June, and hopefully, until the end of September. The church will be open for visitors as usual, but to provide toilets and handwashing facilities, the Cream Teas will now be held in the Community Hall. Home made cakes and scones available for purchase as well as plants and produce.

Don’t forget your bookmark!

Three bookmarks, with smart red tassel
Three bookmarks, the smart red tassel reflects St Peter’s colour

Masonry fall: update

Dear All, 

A quick update on the masonry fall.

Our contractor visited the church over the weekend and inspected the stone work on the Tower. He found no evidence of additional loose masonry.

However, as a precaution, the PCC has decided to leave the cordons in place while the cold weather persists, just in case of further ice damage. 

Therefore, please continue to be vigilant in that part of the churchyard and keep outside the cordoned area for the time being.

Thank you, 

Maxine Johnson, Lay Incumbent