Flower Festival at St. Peter’s

Some photos…

Here are just a few photos of St Peter’s following the beautiful wedding last weekend. People came in large numbers on Sunday to see them, thank you!

Here are the flowers, to remind us of a special day.

View to the High Altar
Panorama view inside St Peter’s church
Above the Reredos
Decorated window
One of the many window decorations
Peonies and marguerites
Centre nave with bride’s and groom’s chairs
The pulpit
The view outside
Peonies round the main door
In the porch
Pink roses among flowers used around the doorway
View from the porch door
Main entrance surrounded with a flower arch to welcome guests and visitors

Cream teas at Community Hall

Cream Teas continue to run every Sunday afternoon until the end of September. The church will be open for visitors as usual,

In order to provide toilets and handwashing facilities, the Cream Teas will now be held in the Community Hall.

Home made cakes and scones available for purchase as well as plants and produce.

Don’t forget to buy a bookmark and tour guide

Three bookmarks, with smart red tassel
Three bookmarks, the smart red tassel reflects St Peter’s colour

Such a perfect day

We had snow at the beginning of the week, but on Tuesday the sun came out and turned our villages into a winter paradise! Everyone came out to enjoy it and many took photos, which are simply beautiful. A real bright spot in a grim January and giving some wonderful memories of a perfect day!

Here are the photos, with some stunning views of St Peter’s and our sister church St Andrew’s in Tur Langton, but the real stars are the trees, especially the Copper Beech tree in Church Langton and, of course, the glorious blue sky.

Thank you to everyone who generously shared their photos and cheered us all up!

  • Joanne Lucas
  • Kate Hampson
  • Melissa Johnston
  • Emily Sarah Marshall
  • Martine Browne
  • Roz Folwell
  • Joanne Lucas
  • Domonic Willgrave
  • Kate Hampson
  • Roz Folwell
  • Maxine Dodd
  • Julie Bryson
  • Domonic Willgrave
  • Ben Crawley
  • Peter Thompson
  • Melissa Johnston
  • Johanna Kirk
  • Liz Reynolds
  • Liz Reynolds
  • Maxine Dodd
  • Dave Baxter

If you have photos of this lovely day, or other views of St Peter’s and surrounding countryside that you would like us to share on our gallery, please get in touch either on Facebook, or by emailing us on info@churchlangton.org.uk, we would love to hear from you!