A Weekend of ‘Messiah’ at St Peter’s

Alleluia – Thank you!

65 singers from choirs across Leicester and Leicestershire, the Knighton Chamber Orchestra and four soloists, former Leicester University students, were conducted by Dr. Paul Jenkins. The audience in the almost full church were mesmerised by the beauty and volume of the music which resonated outside to nearby residents.

The performance completes the National Lottery Heritage Activities for the grant work to repair the roofs as well as raising £3,252.85 and after expenses, £1,403.64 for St. Peter’s (much better than William Hanbury did—he couldn’t afford to pay the orchestra!) 

Thanks to all who gave their support especially the volunteers from the PCC for preparing the church and at the concert, and Roz Folwell for her leadership and commitment to the event.

Barry Barnes, Secretary to the PCC of Church Langton.

  • 'Messiah' 2022, St Peter's Church Langton
  • 'Messiah' 2022, St Peter's Church Langton
  • 'Messiah' 2022, St Peter's Church Langton
  • 'Messiah' 2022, St Peter's Church Langton

The programme is still available to download as a souvenir, if you wish, see below.

Flower Festival at St. Peter’s

Some photos…

Here are just a few photos of St Peter’s following the beautiful wedding last weekend. People came in large numbers on Sunday to see them, thank you!

Here are the flowers, to remind us of a special day.

View to the High Altar
Panorama view inside St Peter’s church
Above the Reredos
Decorated window
One of the many window decorations
Peonies and marguerites
Centre nave with bride’s and groom’s chairs
The pulpit
The view outside
Peonies round the main door
In the porch
Pink roses among flowers used around the doorway
View from the porch door
Main entrance surrounded with a flower arch to welcome guests and visitors

With grateful thanks to our wedding families who generously suggested we share their gorgeous flower arrangements with the community and our wider community online.