The art of Tony Spencer

The artist behind our 2020 Christmas Card

We are delighted to announce that our Christmas Card for 2020 is in production and should be delivered to our villagers in the coming days.

This year, we have decided to change the cover image from a photograph to a painting and our artist is long-time Church Langton resident Tony Spencer. We thought you might like to see a little more of Tony’s work and find out a bit more about him, in his own words…

Merry Christmas! Painting of St Peter's Church by Tony Spencer
Merry Christmas! Painting of St Peter’s Church by Tony Spencer

I’ve always loved drawing and painting ever since I was a kid and loved it even more at secondary school as you could use all the mediums; and my art teacher used to encourage you to try anything! My art teacher, bless her, wanted me to go to Art College, but in those days as the eldest son, you were expected to help put food on the table, so I missed out on that and started work age fourteen.

I suppose the two artists whose work I loved, were Turner and Constable. Turner with his majestic use of oils to paint ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ and Constable with his peaceul ‘Haywain’.

I love having a dabble with any medium but suppose I like pastels the best . As for my connection with Church Langton? Well I served twelve years in HM Forces and settled here in 1979 have been here since…

Tony Spencer
Art work by Tony Spencer
Four pictures by Tony Spencer – The cottage on the left corner is pencil and the lion, plums and owl all in his favourite medium, pastel

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