Masonry fall: update

Dear All, 

A quick update on the masonry fall.

Our contractor visited the church over the weekend and inspected the stone work on the Tower. He found no evidence of additional loose masonry.

However, as a precaution, the PCC has decided to leave the cordons in place while the cold weather persists, just in case of further ice damage. 

Therefore, please continue to be vigilant in that part of the churchyard and keep outside the cordoned area for the time being.

Thank you, 

Maxine Johnson, Lay Incumbent



It’s nearly Lent, a special time of the year as we begin to look forward to Easter and – hopefully – the difference Covid vaccines will make and an easing of restrictions.

Would you be interested in joining an online discussion group to talk about some of these? A Lent Course on Tuesday evenings, 7.00pm to 8.30pm on Zoom. This can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or computer and we can let you have a link to sign in to easily.

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