Visitor Guide 2019

Available inside church – £1.00

We have a new guide book! Something that St Peter’s has needed for a very long time! The guides were funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of our project, ‘Saving and Celebrating our Heritage’  and give fantastic detail on all aspects of St Peter’s Church, tracing the course of its 800 year history, looking at its architecture and churchyard. 

St Peter's Guide book - front cover
St Peter’s Guide book – front cover

Use it as you walk around to discover important features, events and people involved with this lovely building over all these years. The influence of Rev. William Hanbury and his legacy which lives on to this day – and of course, the first performance of Handel’s oratorio, ‘Messiah’ in a parish church in England, as part of a Festival of Music held regularly at that time. Laurence Saunders our priest and martyr, who died at Coventry along with Polydor Virgil, priest to St Peter’s, Chancellor to Henry VII and author of a History of England

The Project Team is particularly grateful to the ‘Interpreting the Church’ Activity Group – Rosalind Willats (former Conservation officer for Harborough District Council), Anne Abbott (East Langton), Will Poulton (West Langton) and Maxine Johnson (Church Langton) – for producing the Visitor’s Guide to St. Peter’s. We are especially grateful to Rosalind Willatts for writing the text and Anne and Will for proof reading.  

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