Faculty petition

Faculty petition – Works to repair boundary on East boundary wall – Allotment

In the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Leicester
Church of Church Langton: St Peter
In the parish of Church Langton with Tur Langton

NOTICE IS GIVEN that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry out the following:
Works to be undertaken as suggested in the structural engineers report of 16 May 2019, as follows:
The taking down of the brickwork between the buttresses in the affect length of wall to the level of the churchyard ground level.
An new intermediate buttress can then be built at the mid-point between the other buttresses off a 1.0m long x 0.5m wide x 0.5m deep concrete pad foundation.
This new brickwork buttress is to be tied into the existing wall with brick ties or similar approved.
The remainder of the wall is then to be built up to full height with the buttress being fully tied in.

Full notice can be viewed and downloaded from the link below: